Sunday, February 05, 2006

For starters ...

In the beginning (although "beginning" doesn't really fit here because there was no time to speak of) there was a stately, serene Universe that was contented, whole, single, pure and at peace when suddenly, out of nowhere (literally), came an excited Littleverse, darting this way and that for reasons unknown. In its zigging and zagging, the Littleverse happened to graze Universe. Universe responded to this disturbance with a flash of anger (which to us looks a lot like a big bang), reaching out with its energies to push the annoying Littleverse far away.

With the task accomplished, Universe set about harmonizing itself and reestablishing its serene singularity. When it released its energies, Universe had to divide itself. Two of these divisions were matter and antimatter. To regain equilibrium, matter and antimatter merged together, annihilating the division and becoming singular energy again. This process was almost done when a problem arose: There was a tiny bit of matter left over and its antimatter counterpart was nowhere to be found. Where had the antimatter gone?

Littleverse had taken it.

Desperate to find Littleverse and the lost antimatter, Universe used its dark energies to expand, reaching out further and further, faster and faster. But to this day, Littleverse and the lost antimatter have yet to turn up. The search goes on.

Meanwhile, within Universe, many strange things have happened ...


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